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Dick Staal Online Training School!

Are you a fanatical dog trainer who likes to train with your dog but find yourself getting stuck in the process? Do you have problems you can’t solve on your own? Then let us help you! 

Welcome to the place where you can find reliable information and the personal assistance you need to help you train your dog. We all know what it feels like to get stuck in your training process. The dog may suddenly show unwanted behavior where he did not do this before or, you find that you just don’t have the know-how or correct techniques to advance your training to a higher level.

Dog Training Dick Staal can help you become a better, more efficient dog trainer and, assist you in solving even your most difficult training issues. With our online training school we are there to help you train your dog 24/7.

We believe that no dog is the same. With a membership to our training school, you will have access to a unique online community of like-minded people in addition to our 90+ training classes. Our “community" is where you can go to discuss problems and get answers to your questions. Our professional trainers and our community members are standing by to help. You are not alone!

But of course you can also follow the courses anonymously and at your own pace.

Join the Dick Staal Online Training School today and we work together to make you an even better dog trainer! You get direct access to all our trainings and our community where you can go for all your questions. This gives you the opportunity to become an even better dog trainer and bring the training of your dog to a higher level!

HELP! My dog suddenly shows unwanted behavior! What am I doing wrong?

"I would like to teach my dog to track, but I do not know how to start!"

"Everyone has a different opinion about unwanted behavior, but how do I really deal with this?"

"My dog is not always motivated when we start training, how do I get my dog to be motivated?"

"I do not have time to go to a club but still want to train with my dog!"

"I see your 9 weeks old pups training hard but always with a lot of fun and a wagging tail, that's what I want!"

More than 100+ instruction videos with over 15 hours of video trainings!

Tracking - 15 trainings

Bite work - 8 trainings

General - 14 trainings

Detection - 14 trainings

Retrieving - 8 trainings

Obedience - 6 trainings

KNPV - 13 trainings

This is what members say about us

"With your huge amount of knowledge the Dick Staal Online Training School is of grade value. I will highly recommend your training method and online learning environment to anyone who trains dogs!

I want to say thank you. I can learn a lot of experience and learn a lot of different ways to increase my wisdom. 

I also like that dog trainers from all over the world share their knownledges with us. Thank you."

"The vast amount of in-depth knowledge that is shared in this program and the support that you get through every detailed step is absolutely priceless.

It has elevated my training to a whole new level."

"I love the Dick Staal Online Dog Training Community! Dick and Sander do a great job of keeping the site relevant by adding a training video every week. 

Topics include tracking, detection, bitework and obedience exercises and more! Students can also share photos, or videos of their work in progress. It's awesome to see what others are doing, and to support each other. 

The site is very easy to navigate, and best of all -- Dick and Sander are very responsive to every query. Check it out!"

Qbert Tan, Kuala Lumpur

Janet Hanley, Ontario CA

Denise Conrad, Florida

Within this online training school we are at your service at all times!

We are Dick and Sander Staal. Since 2013 we have our family company Dog Training Dick Staal. A company that is based on the unique training method Dick has developed since 1977. Dick has trained 100+ different puppies and adult dogs with his unique method, and he gained worldwide fame.

Every year, we receive more and more requests for seminars from all over the world. This is of course very cool! However, we hate to disappoint more and more customers because we simply do not have the time to host seminars. Of course, we hate to disappoint customer, so we came up with the idea of our online training school. Through this training school we can reach anyone who wants to learn about Dick’s unique training methods. You have your own private seminar when it is convenient for you!

In addition, we are also active within the training school every day, and we are ready for all your questions. Do you run into a problem, do you have a question about a specific discipline, or do you just want to share something with us? All this is possible, 24/7 within our community!

In addition, you can also get in touch with other members. These are dog trainers from all over the world, all with the same goals as you, to become an even better dog trainer!

With this online training school you will have your own private seminar, but you are never alone!

Here is an outline for our online training school


In our online training school you have 24/7 access to all our trainings. You can follow these trainings everywhere via your laptop, computer, tablet or phone. All you need is an internet connection. All our training courses are video trainings in which we explain our system step by step. We do this on the basis of PowerPoint presentations and a huge amount of video material. You will immediately get a clear picture of the learning material that we offer you.

As soon as you become a member, you will immediately have access to all the training courses. You can therefore decide for yourself at what level you will join a specific training. This is ideal if you are already training with your dog but are running into a certain problem.

We already have more than 90+ video trainings in different disciplines!


Bite work





But there's more! In addition to all our training material, you will also get access to our community. Within this community we are always at your service and can help you with all your questions. In addition, you can also get in touch with all our other members who are dog handlers just like you. This way you can also share your valuable knowledge and successes with each other!

Support and coaching of a Dog Training Dick Staal specialist

Get in contact with members who work in the dog sport worldwide

Share your successes and training progress

Ask unlimited questions

Exclusive look behind the scenes

Through our social media channels, we always show the results we achieve when training our dogs. Within our online training school you can now take a look behind the scenes exclusively at our trainings. Every week we will add one or more videos in which you can see how we conduct our training. You see how things go well, but we will also show what problems we encounter when we train our dogs. All these videos will of course be shown with accompanying comments from K9-specialist Dick Staal.

You will get an exclusive look behind the scenes and experience our training sessions as if you were there yourself!

For only €1,- in the first month you get direct access to all our trainings!

Join the club!

Monthly subscription



€ 14,95

per month

€ 39,95

per quarter

Access to 90+ trainings!

Help from our specialists

Questions about your training

Submitting videos of your training

Access to all training courses

Watch one of our trainings. Weekly at least once

11% Discount on membership

2 e-books to the value of € 22,90

  Try now for only 

€ 1,- the first month or € 26,95 the first quarter!

Any doubts?

Take a free visit in our online training school and follow a free lesson!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are the terms when I subscribe?

Within our training school you can opt for a monthly or quarterly subscription. You can cancel each month or quarter. You are not stuck with anything for a long time if you do not want this!

I do not have a puppy but an older dog, is your method suitable for my dog, too?

Yes, for sure. Our method is suitable for both puppies and older dogs.

How are the training lessons built up?

Once you are a member you will immediately have access to all training material in our the training school. The sessions are built up in components from first to the last step. You can choose to start from the beginning or jump in anywhere you like. If, for example, you are already training with your dog and your dog has already mastered a certain part, you can opt to continue with a specific lesson.

Do you still have other questions?

Contact us today!

We don't like long and difficult contracts. That is why you can cancel your subscription at any time!

“I participated in one of your seminars and it was really great. After that I started working with my dogs, but after a while of training I was automatically confronted with a number of questions and problems. Then I saw the presentation of the online training school on Facebook. That turned out to be the ideal addition to the seminar!!

Now after being a member for 6 months I can now continue to train well with my dog without the help of the Online Training School. I certainly think it is positive that I can cancel my subscription without any problems. In the beginning I was afraid of being tied to a subscription. Often a cancellation has a very long and difficult handling, but you prove that it can also be done differently! Great!

So no longer a member for a while, but I will not hesitate to participate again in the future.

Thank you again for the initiative. I can recommend it to any dog trainer. I don't have any negative points, so I wish you all good luck with the Online Training School!!”

Lindsay Claeys

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